We very warmly thank all those who, at this early stage, have expressed their confidence in our initiative by giving us their generous support.

The Yimen Foundation, the non-profit organization which manages the finances of the Library of the Western Belvedere, has received a generous grant from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as start-up money.

It has also benefited from gifts of books. A collection of some three hundred library books was contributed by Mr. Lambrecht of Laurel Industries in Chicago, USA. Many individual donors from the same city gave small donations at the occasion of a conference in Chicago in April 2002.

Mr. Lin Chao of Fuzhou presented the library with a precious copy of the first English dictionary of the Fuzhou dialect.
Our benefactors  contributions have been duly registered under their name and each volume they have given, or has been purchased thanks to their monetary contribution, carries a sticker identifying them. 

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